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With the increasingly intense competition in the media market, the number of 2D advertising displays is increasing every day. The abundance of similar signage creates a lot of visual 'clutter'. The powerful 3D effects of Glasses-Free 3D advertising displays attract consumers and cuts through the 2D clutter to ensure a high brand recall. We offer a platform consisting of the digital signage, 3D media player and 3D content creation. 3D content can take the form of static posters or animated videos.

  • No need for special 3D glasses
  • Instant attention capture
  • Great brand loyalty, retention, and recognition
  • Product awareness
  • Competitive edge
  • Multiple users experience 3D at the same time
  • Large 3D viewing zone
  • Available as single 3D displays or can be combined to create 3D video walls.

  • Product: 3D Without Glasses
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: In stock
  • Content options: Static or animated
  • Notes: Available with stands
    Size (diagonal)
  • Small: 42"
  • Medium: 50"
  • Large: 58"
  • X Large: 65"
  • XX Large: 84"

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