Product Info:

AdSENSOR springs to life when a user passes in front of it, further content navigation and selection is controlled by hand gestures. This innovative interaction enhances customer understanding and recall of the advertised products whilst stimulating consumers‘ shopping behaviour. AdSENSOR can be placed against the inside of a window or, using just the software and a projector the advertising/ product content can be beamed onto the inside of a window providing an engaging interactive experience for passers by outside.

Further, the AdSENSOR system is supported by powerful data monitoring functionality. Browsing traffic, interaction traffic and other key metrics are accessible at any time giving clients instant feedback about the current campaign.

  • Equipped with motion sensors which automatically respond to passers by.
  • Content can be updated or changed remotely over an internet connection.
  • Controlled by hand gestures rather than touch providing a more hygenic interaction.
  • Data monitoring.
  • Small footprint.

  • Product: AdSENSOR
  • Minimum lease: 6 months
  • Availabilty: Upon order
  • CMS: Ethernet, 3G/ 4G
  • Interaction: Motion, gesture

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