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Avatar is a life-size virtual host(ess) that can react and respond to real language conversation using pre-recorded responses. A suite of projectors beams an extraordinarily realistic human image onto 4-layered safety glass. When a person is detected within it's vicinity, Avatar self-activates.

Special NearTouch™ technology enables customers to use simple intuitive motion to activate certain areas on the glass, prompting Avatar to "come alive".

Available as male or female and in any language, Avatar greets customers as they enter the store, helping them to choose specific products and then directing them to the right part of the store using layouts and video which appear on the glass.

  • Photo-realistic face detail.
  • Voice recognition and two-way conversation with customers.
  • Available in any language.
  • NearTouch™ interactivity means that customers do not need to touch the glass display.
  • Multiple projectors used to create highest definition images.

  • Product: Avatar
  • Minimum lease: 9 months
  • Availabilty: Upon order
  • Internet: 5MB upload/ dload
  • Interaction: NearTouch™h
  • Size (H x W)
  • Panel: 96" x 48"

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