Product Info:

How does it work?
  • Consumers download the retailer app (already embedded with Blu functionality). Bluetooth and internet must be enabled on their smartphone.
  • As they walk towards the Blu display it tracks the consumers' distance and direction from up to 70m using iBeacon sensors.
  • At 30 metres distance the display connects to the cloud and starts to profile them, querying social media information & demographics. It then queries all local retailers and selects products that match the demographic information.
  • At 10 metres Blu selects the person who it thinks is the most likely to engage with the products, retailers and brands available locally. It then downloads the person's social media profile photo, name and a relevant product which is displayed on the screen to get their attention.
  • As the display engages the consumer, it sends a special offer voucher to the consumer's smartphone that can be redeemed at the local retailer store.
  • Can use any screen with an HDMI connection.
  • The retailer can activate campaigns remotely using the dashboard.
  • Campaign content can be updated via the dashboard.
  • Content can be changed in real-time to react to changes in footfall at any time of the day.

  • Product: Blu
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: Upon order
  • Internet: Ethernet, 3G/ 4G
  • Communication: Bluetooth

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