Case Studies

Innovation In Action

Top Shop Virtual Reality Fashion Show

Top Shop (UK) gave customers VR headsets to enter the 360° virtual world of a live Top Shop fashion show.

The headsets gave customers a hybrid of live feed of the Top Shop catwalk show and backstage action. Special cameras were deployed on the catwalk and backstage so that particpants could look around at models and celebrities at the event.

Tesco Virtual Store

Tesco (UK) launched an interactive virtual grocery store at Gatwick Airport to help holidaymakers avoid returning home to an empty fridge. Tesco said the facility builds on its launch of a QR Store in Seoul, South Korea which allowed commuters to shop in subways and at bus stops by scanning QR codes on billboards using their smartphones.

Marks & Spencer E-Boutique

In Amsterdam M&S launched an 'E-Boutique' dedicated to womenswear. The shop features a Virtual Rail - a display that seamlessly integrates digital rails with physical rails of clothes. It is made up of three stacked 46-inch video screens and three physical rails, each holding about 50 items of clothing.

Samsung Experience Store

This flagship store in Singapore is all about experiential retail. For example, customers' movements in front of the LCD Video Wall digitized and projected for effect, while it has a coffee store operated via an app, and themed zones throughout the store.

Rebecca Minkoff Connected Store

Rebecca Minkoff (USA) opened a digitally ‘connected store’ located in New York. The shop merges online and physical shopping. The Interactive Display features a mirror that shows videos and inspirational content. Shoppers can touch the surface to request an associates to prepare the fitting room, order drinks and even change the environment’s lighting.

Waitrose Beacons

Waitrose has commenced trials that deliver location-sensitive notifications and offers to shoppers via their smartphone using Beacons. Waitrose started using the technology at its experimental Swindon store using iBeacon to alert shoppers to promotions when they’re near a particular aisle or food counter.

Sephora Smart Stores

Sephora self-service Smart Stores carry more than 50 of Sephora's more popular products across a wide range of brands (Dior, Korres, and Bare Escentuals among them). The kiosks are postioned in high footfall airport terminals attract new customers as well as strengthen the relationship with existing customers outside of their standard store formats.

Budweiser Transparent LCD Coolers

Anheuser Busch (USA) recently deployed 1,000 Transparent LCD Coolers in convenience stores, major athletic stadiums and beverage/liquor stores across America. The coolers allow full-HD resolution images, graphics and videos to be displayed on the front door while simultaneously allowing clear viewing of the beverages inside.

John Lewis RFID Sofa Studio

John Lewis (UK) designed a tool which lets consumers upholster furniture in the fabric of their choice. Shoppers can play with a range of 3D-printed, RFID-enabled furniture props such as sofas and armchairs. Once placed next to multicoloured fabric swatches, a visualization of the final design appears on a nearby screen.