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HoloCOM is an extension of HoloBOX holographic advertising platform. HoloCOM combines 3D product holograms with an eCommerce back-end. HoloCOMs can be placed in physical high-footfall locations, providing eCommerce portals with a real 'click and brick' solution guaranteed to redefine purchasing decisions beyond the computer screen.

  • HoloCOMs can be placed at shopping malls, airports, train stations etc - extending reach beyond the online space.
  • With our in-built holographic interactivity customers will be able to visualize products in 3D and then 'touch' them by zooming in/ rotating the product, changing colour etc. 4D interactivity is controlled by hand gestures or a smartphone.
  • Each HoloCOM connects to eCommerce payment gateways to facilitate purchase of any products in the display.
  • The number of products and size of the client catalogue is unlimited.

Please see below for different display designs.

  • Product: HoloCOM
  • Minimum lease: 9 months
  • Availabilty: In stock
  • Options: 3D or 4D
  • CMS: Optional
  • Notes: Available with stands
    Size without stands (W x D x H)
  • Medium: (80 x 80 x 40) cm
  • Large: (165 x 165 x 82.5) cm
  • X Large: (200 x 200 x 100) cm
  • XX Large: (260 x 260 x 130) cm

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