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Our displays are available in three sizes (40", 50" and 60") with a choice of multi-touch or touch-less gesture-driven technologies that can display all content types including live footage, images, video, slideshows, animations and social media feeds. The professional interactive displays are developed for heavy duty use and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. We work with clients to create the content that appears on the screens. This content is controlled via a CMS that can distribute content to a single screen, screen grouping, single store or complete retail network.

  • Available in 3 standard sizes or can be custom built up to 100" in size.
  • Platform consists of hardware, software, interface creation and CMS with remote management.
  • Interactivity based on multi-touch or gestures.

  • Product: Interactive Displays
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: In stock
  • PC OS: Windows
  • Size
  • Custom: up to 100"
  • Large: 60"
  • Medium: 50"
  • Small: 40"

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