Product Info:

Our levitation technology uses repelling magnets combined with sophisticated electronics to keep floating objects in position. Using patented technology presentation objects and products float in the air, no strings attached.

The modules consist of two elements; a base containing the electronics and a disc. The floating disc (referred to as carrier) can be integrated into objects. Alternatively, objects can be placed on top or over the carrier.

The modules are available in 3 different sizes with carrying loads ranging from 1kg up to 10 kg. The technology however is scalable, so there is virtually no limit to weight and floatation height. We can also offer a combination of levitation modules to create a levitation device tailored to suit a specific product.

The carriers of the levitation modules can rotate, if desired they can be fitted with a magnetic lock for stationary hovering.

  • Different modules catering for different product/ object weights.
  • Simple set-up.
  • Client specific solutions available upon request.

  • Product: Magnetic Displays
  • Minimum lease: 6 months
  • Availabilty: Upon order
  • Sizes:
  • Light: Up to 1 kg
  • Medium: Up to 4 kg
  • Heavy: Up to 10 kg

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