Product Info:

Each unit is outfitted with a 42" LED screen at the bottom of a 22" touch-enabled transparent showcase to enlarge the content display area and features a Kinect device that supports motion sensing. The LCD showcase also features a 3-way turntable that can be programmed to rotate by 90°, 120° or 180° in response to user screen touches. This unique features means that up to 4 different product scenarios can be displayed within each unit.
The system is designed to allow users to view, understand and interact with content by using innovative digital media technology to maximize and diversify customer interaction.

  • 22" Transparent multi-touch LCD showcase
  • Programmable turntable
  • 42" LED screen
  • 20W Audio
  • MS Kinect sensor
  • WiFi

  • Product: OmniPOD
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: Upon order
  • CMS: Optional
  • Colours: To order
  • Size
  • Heigh: 1700mm
  • Width: 600m
  • Depth: 450mm

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