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Retail display mapping is the technology behind the ability to project rich content during daylight conditions onto retail display units in-store. Designed specifically for the retail environment, the technology allows for low-cost projection mapping managed in the cloud across an unlimited number of locations Display mapping allows a physical product to become part of a digital canvas:

  • Project onto actual products, digitally changing colour and texture, or making other personalizations.
  • Project around products, creating a dynamic, digital environment around physical objects.
  • Project onto 3D forms, structures, existing architecture or signage
  • Display specific messages in response to physical triggers, gesture, movement or mobile app interactivity.
  • Product-interated projection displays
  • Interacts seamlessly with beacon, facial recognition and mobile applications
  • Displays can react to live events ranging from the weather to stock changes via online feeds
  • Unimited locations
  • Remote content
  • No WiFi needed.

  • Product: Display Mapping
  • Availabilty: Upon request

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