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Retail Tags are a modern solution to an age old problem faced by retailers needing to update price labels throughout their stores. This new solution completely dispenses with traditional paper shelf labels, eliminating human error and eliminating the need and expense to have staff replace them invidually by hand. Simple installation of the control software allows the operator to change pricing buy sending an update to a wireless access point which direct the update to routers which send the new pricing data to every tag in the store. Each access point can be associated with up to 15,000 tags and each router can update 7,500 tags in 1 hour making the platform highly scalable and responsive. Daily / seasonal promotions can be pre-scheduled and executed with the press of a button.

The use of ePaper instead of LCD displays guarantees pefect visibility at any angle and also drastically reduces the need to change bateries. ePaper only uses power when the tags are being updated unlike LCD displays which constantly drain power, the result is that tags battery life time is extended to in excess of 5 years.

  • Full-graphics enabled, high visibility ePaper tags.
  • Can display QR codes and barcodes.
  • Ultra-low power consumption: More than 5 years battery life per tag (2 updates / day and 30 sec sync).
  • Fast transmission: 7,500 graphic tags full updates per hour.
  • Uses a proprietary sub-Ghz wireless protocol to ensure that frequencies used by exisiting wireless and bluetooth networks do not cause interference during label update transmissions.
  • Truly interactive 2-way communication: The system sends price update information and receives confirmation and status updates such as battery level and link quality for each tag.

  • Product: Retail Tags
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: Upon order
  • Diagonal size
  • XL: 4.2"
  • L: 2.9"
  • M: 2.2"
  • S: 1.6"

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