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While online analytics is a wide-ranging and growing toolset available to businesses and portals, offline or 'bricks and mortar' analytics has had no equivalent until now. The simple installation and placement of our sensors in one or more places in every store is all that is required. The sensors immediately start to collect anonymous wireless signals transmitted from the mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and smartwatches) of your customers. Because most signals can be uniquely matched to a specific hand-held device they can used to identify and track the exact location of each customer while inside the store.

This new dataset can be used to measure various retailer indicators which were previously hard to obtain. The data is collected from all store locations is sent to a central server, processed and presented in the form of a customizable online dashboard and reports making the retail metrics instantly available from any connected device.

The pricniple of using wireless signals can be expanded upon in public transport facilities such as metro stations and airports to present reliable intelligence on passenger flows in specific locations at any given time of the day - this information is crucial for emergency planning scenarios.

  • Track Live Customers Experience Quality.
  • Track Live Customers Loyalty.
  • Track Live Shop Window Capture Rate.
  • Track Live Conversion Rate.
  • Identify underperforming store locations.

  • Product: Tracker
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: Upon order

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