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Virtual Fitting Room technology allows people can try on different outfits and combinations in front of a virtual mirror. The mirror automatically senses the weight and size of the person and then uses 3D augmented reality to digitally hang the clothes on the viewer. The experience is exactly the same as trying on clothes in a shop fitting room.
The viewer can take and share photos of outfits she is trying on via Facebook. Comments, feedback and suggestions from friends appear in real-time on the mirror (screen). Real-time rendering of the garment wraps each garment around the viewer's body in 3D allowing him/ her to turn and move as they would normally in front of a mirror to check the fit of their garment. As they do so, complex algorithms perfectly simulate the movement, hang and drape of the cloth on the viewer's body. He/ she can switch between outfits and then using a smartphone can scan a QR code which directs them to the product's page on a mobile eCommerce site. Each garment is added to her shoppping cart. Clicking 'Checkout' completes the purchase on her smartphone and the garments are delivered to her home promptly.
Coming Soon: Brand new app for mobile phones and tablets - allows users to take the VFR experience with them wherever they are (see video teaser below).

  • New and engaging shopping experience.
  • Real-time cloth simulation.
  • Photo-realistic 'look and feel'.
  • Additional garments can be quickly added the database.
  • The database can be easily updated or renewed via an internet connection.
  • Customers are connected directly to the client's mobile payment processing gateway for all purchases.
  • Provides data and analytics about customers' shopping habits, preferences and purchases.
  • VFRs can be quickly placed in traditional 'brick and mortar' retail environments as well as high footfall locations such as airports and shopping malls.

  • Ability to try on outfits without removing any clothing.
  • The user is no longer confined to small fitting rooms.
  • The user doesn't have to wait for assistants to take the correct size clothes to him/ her.
  • Detailed information about each garment appears on the screen.
  • Live social interactions allowing input from friends for styling and purchasing decisions.
  • No queueing - clothes and outfits can be purchased directly from the user's smartphone.

  • Product: Virtual Fitting Room
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: In stock
  • CMS: Yes
  • Authoring SW: Included
  • Database SW: Included
  • Options: Print, Email
    Screen size w/o stand (W x D x H)
  • 55": 28.5" x 48.9" x 2.2"

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