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Transparent Glass LED Screens give retailers the ability to turn existing square metres of glass windows and walls into digital screens. The solution doesn't require removing or replacing the existing glass but is actually installed on the inside of the window allowing viewers outside to view into the building or vice versa whilst still displaying rich, high resolution digital video content.

Glass LED Screens are an exciting and innovative display solution. They are designed to display daytime images on glass windows in high brightness daylight conditions. The clean lines, minimal cabling and neutral colour means that they are ideal for shop windows where a highly polished visual is paramount.

  • High transparency (> 60%).
  • Panels up to 5m x 2m in size.
  • Unlimited size.
  • Custom shapes possible.
  • Pitch size starting at 5mm.
  • High daytime brightness up to 6000 NITS.
  • Simple installation.

  • Product: Transp. Glass LED
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: Upon order

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