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Retailer shopfronts can now be transformed into eye-catching, multimedia screens that can span the entire length and breadth of the window display. Projection film is a lightweight transparent surface that can be applied directly to on the inside of a glass window or a glass sheet. A specialized cultra short-throw projector (which requires less than 2 feet of space from the glass) can beam the image onto it from behind. This projector is the perfect companion for window dispays where a long throw projection is not possible. As an alternative to projection touch foil can be applied ot the inside of the window and an LCD screen can be aligned and placed just behind it. When a touch foil is used instead of projection film, the other side of the window becomes a touchscreen (capable of being used even with a gloved hand) to create a through-window touch experience. In all cases, there are no external components, so the installation is completely safe behind the window.

  • Ideal for stores situated inside shopping malls.
  • Viewing is not affected by external light conditions.
  • A wide range of projection sizes is possible, up to 80 inch in 4:3 or 100 inch in 16:9 formats.
  • Projection film is lightweight and easy to apply to a window, glass, acrylic, rear projection screens and any other non-metallic materials.
  • No external wires or devices are required as all components are situated safely behind the glass.
  • Touch foil can be double touch (point, pinch & zoom) or have full multi-touch interactivity.
  • Ideal for stores situated inside shopping malls
  • Can work with auto light adjusting LCD screens
  • LCD scrren sizes ranging from 40" to 98" available
  • All components are situated safely behind the glass

  • Product: Window Proj./ LCD
  • Proj sizes: Up to 100"
  • LCD screens: Up to 98"
  • Minimum lease: 12 months
  • Availabilty: In stock

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